It's Simple

Never worry about tying a knot again.

Great for All Outdoors

The Dank Hook is perfect for boating, fishing, or camping.

Not Just for Boats

Adjust your rope: any length, any time,
and for any purpose.

The World’s Best Universal Hook

Never tie a knot again!

Are you tired of fighting to tie a knot to secure your water craft, camping gear, trailer load etc…?
Danik Hook will certainly cure your frustration. With a push of a the lever and a slide of the line you will have your items secure and held in place. Adjusting your line length has never been easier!

Danik Hook Universal Hooks Stainless Steel and High Strength Composite

Patent Pending

How does it work? It’s simple.

Simply attach one end to your anchor and the other end to your boat. The anchor line slides freely when holding the lever down. When released, the unique mechanism grips the line at the position you desire.